Sunday, June 14, 2015

Guess who's back... with a quick recap.

Howdy Hey Pilgrims,

I know it's been a while since I have updated you on my travels...and that's because I haven't traveled! After my last published post, I saw a few more places in Europe. I can update you on those trips if you are so pressed; the abbreviated story is IT WAS AWESOME.

I read somewhere (on the internet) that "once the travel bug bites, there is no known antidote, and I know that I shall be happily infected until the end of my life". I find this quote to be true. Although traveling does make the yearning in my chest abate, even while I am traveling I want to travel more. This hunger for new destinations and sights and cultures in insatiable.

It's been two long years and a lot has changed. I have graduated college (woohoo!), I lived at home for a year ( not so woohoo), I have gotten my first 'Big Girl' job (woohoo!). I've been navigating the new waters that is adulthood. After all my hard work, I decided to reward myself with some globetrotting.

At the top of  2015, I didn't have much on the horizon, and then BAM! action packed 3 weeks. My friend Magda,from Innsbruck, invited me to her wedding in Monterrey, Mexico. Of course I wanted to go. Then my college friends were planning the annual girls trip for Costa Rica, and the dates happened to coincide with Magda's wedding. Thankfully TEAM AWESOME (my college friends) moved the plans around to facilitate me attending both the wedding and the girl's trip.

So this all happens by April so I'm STOKED. After two years of not leaving the state, there I was going on a two week vacation to two different countries. Yay me! I didn't think it could get any better. And then the universe answered my call again. My friend Virginia, whom I met in Austria although she lives in Barcelona, was finally planning her trip to America to visit lil' ol' me!

As the Floridian, I obviously had no idea what sites there are to see in Florida. But I think I hit the highlights with Vir (Magic Kingdom/Cocoa Beach/ Clearwater Beach/ Lake Eola/ Memorial Day festivities). Because of my upcoming vacation I couldn't get as many days off to host Vir so I had an awesome network of friends to help  host her while I was at work and while Vir traveled to different cities.

Because I was born and raised (and currently living in Florida) I'm not as excited about those things but if you wish to read what Florida is like from a non-native you can check out Vir's travel blog.
Her native tongue is Catalan but she writes in the blog in Spanish and English (Did I mention I need to learn another language?) 

I usually keep a travel journal but because it's been a whirlwind month, I haven't been able to translate them all into blog posts. So please be patient (If you've been reading this since I first started, I know you can do it). I promise that it won't be two years before I post again :)The posts about Mexico and Costa Rica are imminent!